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NT Tourism

Unbelievable natural beauty, incredible adventures and sites that are unlike any other around the world, the Northern Territory certainly is a must see destination for every Australian. From incredible national parks, historical culture and exhilarating wildlife, the Northern Territory has something for every family. Swimming Northern Territory is working with the NT's best tourism operators to bring you some incredible deals to enjoy while you visit for the 2024 Country Swimming Championships and stay for that long dreamed of NT holiday.

For all the best information and some incredible experiences that will create lifelong memories for you and your family, check out the NT Learning Adventures guide below.

There are a plethora of Activities to do while in the Northern Territory and Swimming NT is going to continue to look for great deals that we can pass on to the Australian Swimming Community for the 2024 Country Swimming Championships. Register for our mailing list at the bottom of any of our "About" pages to keep up with all the latest event, tourism and accommodation offers. Also don't forget to investigate the Tourism Top End - Swimming NT website for even more deals - 

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