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Event History

The Country Swimming Championships is moving into its third year on the Australian Swimming calendar, having its inaugural occurrence in October 2022 and last years extravaganza in late September, early October. It is a national level Swimming Championships aimed at swimmers from all regional and remote communities across Australia. Specialised event providing opportunities and experiences for swimmers to encourage retention, ongoing participation in active sporting endeavours and a love of the NT.

The Championships are targeted towards swimmers, both able bodied and para (multi-class) discipline athletes, who are locationally disadvantaged and underrepresented at existing national competitions, being from Regional areas across Australia. Age ranges for the Championships are 11yrs – 17yrs & over.

The inaugural event occurred from in October 2022 at the Parap swimming pool in Darwin. Over the years this event has attracted 628 individual competitive swimmers from over 75 different swimming clubs from across the country, competing in more than 4300 events. We have had over 400 competitors (and their families) attending from outside the NT, having an incredible experience taking in some of the bucket list of activities here in Australia's dream destination. There is also plenty of opportunities for coaches and officials here as well, as this isn't just a swim meet, but truly an extravaganza of swimming and an experience all attendees will take with them for a lifetime.

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